Looking for Alaska is going to be made into a movie!


I totally forgot about posting on here.

Alright, more onto the topic that this post has been subjected to…

Yes. Looking for Alaska (a novel by the infamous John Green) will be made into a movie.

And yes, I do stalk their websites.


Click here to visit the website on where I found this information.


[ u n l e a s h ]

[ t h e ]

[ i n n e r ]

[ f a n g i r l s ]



hey, i’m the new admin here.

right, so i’m pretty sure most of you know me, since i had another blog last year, which has now been deleted, because i was bored & it was effecting my studies anyway. moving on, to those of you who don’t know me; i go by the title “tarah”, and i’m also known as “pockiiboo” on deviantART. my real name & age shall not be revealed, but i’m sure some of you already know of it. if i were ever to live in the city of the series divergent, i’m sure my aptitude test results would include erudite, and perhaps, dauntless. candor and amity would be out of the way, because, i do not always tell the truth, & am not entirely entitled to “peace”. cabin 6, athena’s daughter, ravenclaw, and district three because i can never live without technology.

anyway, i’m not entirely sure what i’ll be posting on here; and i’m still trying to figure out what to do with “the chan club”, now i’ve started back with 700+ views & 5 followers, haha.

alright, bye then xx