I’m. So. Happy.

I saw Karley’s cute face.

she got to saw my fugly face.


haven’t posted in a long time.


you all know I’m lazy though.


I. Love. Dat. Cute. Face.


Omfg guys, I think she is so pretty and cute.

I think of myself as an ugly person. No. Fugly person.

Karley claims she is fugly too.

but not on my watch.


Don’t deny me young lady >:O

I’m gonna ask Salsa if I can borrow her bamboo stick c:<

deny all you want Karley.

I still think you’re pretty and cute c: (unlike me, FUGLINESS :D)

That tis’ all.


My addiction….


no, not from nutella (I can’t stop eating it. Just too good)

from saying ‘Elloz!’

I didn’t see anything with it -3-

so I stopped 

sometimes when I feel tired of something, I stop. EXCEPT nutella. 

I changed my name to Hazel Pie


sowwie if you don’t like pie… Tbh, I don’t like it that much x3 just sounds pretty with Hazel? Hazel Pie… Sounds good to me ^^

don’t eat me though



Well, I forgot my Facebook account :c

so I made a new one c:

i think Hazel Chan?

Not sure…

So anyway


there is nothing to talk about xP

Kind of awkward.. Lol


First to comment…..


Well I made a new blog on a different account. So yeah. I’m not typing the link but I’ll tell you what it’s about. It’s about the life I am searching for and about my days I’m having. So the first to comment can be my co-owner! Just comment, like, and re-blog!



Black Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Black Friday!


So I went to the mall early and was FILLED I didn’t really go but I went. I was waiting in the car xP. Anyway got 2 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of shirts. While my little little sister got EVERYTHING she wanted. I mean it’s so unfair! My little sister and my big brother were like, “WHAT!?!” Because I asked if I could get this cute stuffed bear and they’re like, “NO WAY! We spent about $100 on you!” While my sister was like, “can I get nail polish?” They said, “Of course Honey!” And we spent like $300 on her -.-. While my little little sister, my big brother, and me were only spent on $100 on. They think my little sister is an angel. NOT. My little little sister is c: I took a pic of her. Wasn’t a selfie really xP. I couldn’t find her selfie on my iPhone. ANYWAY what did you get for Black Friday if you went shopping or internet shopping?




Elloz Guys!

I’M JUST CRACKING UP!! Me and my sister are having a no laughing contest looking a HigaTV saltine challenge and she says that we can’t do ANYTHING but have a frown and then we started it but we both BURSTED, literally BURSTED laughing. I think it’s funny but you guys probably have a different sense a humor. It’s just how I am xP. We both laughed, HARD but we kept trying 😉

now onto our 5th try!