Trick or Treating 2014

Trick or treat!

Rules for trick or treating on My CRGD’s:

  • You may only come to trick or treat once a day.
  • Do not beg for anything other than what’s on my prize list. Actually, don’t beg for any specific item because I have a surprise for the procedure I am doing 🙂
  • Be nice and don’t complain.
  • If you complain or are ungrateful, I will ban you from trick or treating 😉

What I am going to be doing is a random pumpkin picking thing.

I will have a hundred pumpkins labeled with numbers and you tell me which number you want, and I will “cut” the pumpkin and you’ll find your trick or treat in it. (You do not have to keep it if you do not want it. If you get the trick though, finders keepers.)

Tricks and treats:

  • 10 edits (fantage edits based on ref pic)
  • 5 blog packages (includes a bg, banner, header, and blog icon)
  • 20 shout outs
  • 10 gags (these are the tricks 🙂 )
  • 10 helpers (I will help you either on Fantage or Transformice. For fantage; stars, ecoins, and levels. For Transformice; cheese, first, bootcamp, level, and saves. If you believe I cant get you those (for transformice), I have 20831 cheese, 2120 firsts, 278 bootcamp, 79 levels, and 18912 saves. Also, I will need your user and pass for this. Don’t worry, I’m not a hacker or anything haha.)
  • 10 candy bars (I will draw a piece of candy with your name and blog on it, so you can put it on your sidebar or something)
  • 5 blog stamps (I will make a stamp with your blog’s name on it and you can do whatever you want with it)

So actually there are 70 things to give out.

Trick or treating on My CRGD’s will start on 10/21/14 til all of the pumpkins are gone.

Happy trick or treating 🙂






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