Welcome to MY CRGD’s!

Hey there you random person.

You have unluckily come across the most random and weird blog to exist in history, no lie

Uh.. Happy Birfday?

If you like chipocenpiendy and are random and weird, then you should join the community and follow……

yes, definitely follow, even if you’re a random nobody .. or a unicorn.. or a potato..

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Quick check-in!

Hey friends & everyone! Yes, it’s Karley here, or Kz1212.

I hardly ever go on to WordPress anymore, solely because I have more activities IRL rather than me posting annoying things on here. Well, most of it is annoying haha. 

So basically, I most likely will not be posting much more after this. I will definitely keep the blog for old time memories, since I’ve made so many friends and I enjoyed blogging a lot 😉

But, I’ll still try to view and read the posts in my reader. Cause I do follow some really cool people😏

Anyways, bye for now!

merry christmas or happy holidays :)

Merry christmas to whoever celebrates it and if not, happy holidays!!!

Lmao i didnt get anything for christmas but whatever. Well i got an extra hour of sleep 😀

and also, where I live, it was like 82 degrees farenheit today. most people have like wintry christmas’ but i got sun

haha GG Steve Harvey

its december!?

Well it was December since 8 days ago but just be nice and let me say it now..

Whats up? how yall been tbh

I haven’t been on in like 5 bajillion years, and that’s exactly what I said last time.

Funnily, when I came on today, the reason wasn’t because I remembered that I still have a blog (but i do still remember you all so :))

I needed some help on spanish homework and the website i went to turned out to be a wordpress blog. how coincidental

anyways, i looked at my notifications and


lmao like coincidentally today happened to be anniversary

well happy anniversary to me and leave some comments and like if anyone has like kik drop it down below please




well.. I finally got on..

I started school like on monday

pretty boring, like how school always is LOL

well to me

anyone else started school yet? if you have and you’re having a hard time, don’t worry, the weekend is near


same, anyone else like his music 😀

well, if any of you remember, im a huge procrastinator and i have this project that was assigned since june, and its due tomorrow, and you can kinda guess the rest right?

yup, didnt finish LOL

story of my life

anyways, cya


hi people

Did you guys forget me? LOL

Probably, I haven’t been on in so long. I remember when I was posting so constantly, like 5 times a day haha

And I didn’t die, sort of. I just kinda… died and ressurected. Im a zombie, how cool and swaggy am I now?

And yes, I did not forget any of you


sorry if I did

I will try to make at least one post a week maybe.

I thought i would be doing blogging for so long, but I feel like I’m going to die out soon

who knows

Well, comment how you’re doing, I will reply B)

and stay safe if youre vacationing



I haven’t talked or posted! Sorry about that! I was kinda sad and has some situations which stopped me from posting so I’m sorry! But that’s over now and I’m just wondering! 

Who has KIK? I have KIK now so feel free to add me! I am “panyatsarband” so feel free to add me and tell me your wordpress user when you add me just so I know it’s you and not a creep! 

So that’s all guys! Hope to chat with ya on KIK!

Percy Jackson anyone?

So, do any of you guys read the Percy Jackson series? Blood of Olympus too? Are you done reading Percy Jackson?

What about the hunger games?

what about doctor who? I’ve finished season 8. SEASON 9 HERE I COME. ALLONS-Y!

what about the flash? I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE EPISODE TONIGHT.


drug dealer.. OR NAH

My Dad showed me this hilarious video.


It looks like its gonna be in Chinese but its actually not, just a Chinese woman giving a speech about the time when she first came to America

It’s hilarious, watch it.

Tell me what you think about it xD


Logan Lerman

So me and my friend Anna made this list called the “hottie list” with hotties we like on it. (Celebrities) Logan Lerman is (obviously) at the top of my list. I mean look at this cutie.

61 3069226327_1_3_5e80LMbo tumblr_miuakmXe2D1qb276ao1_500 tumblr_inline_mkymgxibve1qz4rgp

 I’d pay him to punch me in the face



What’s your favourite meme?

(ADVICE ADVICE NEEDED. My friend’s crush likes me and I don’t know what to do)