A word for Fantage

I know I dont post much on here so yayy

Sorry this is about fantgæ but whatever

So I’ve heard that there’s this new clean campaign to help fantgæ to be a “better place”

And we all know it ain’t gon’ happen

1. There isn’t a solution for this generation

2. If fantgæ would stop selling freaking cough”inappropriate”cough stuff in a game then sure

3. I dont feel like typing anymore



I turned out pulling an all nighter after all
I guess I have to stay up the whole day to fix my sleeping schedule
Karley I think you failed
I wanna see your reaction this time
there was something else I wanted to say but I forgot sob


karley why you gotta be so r00d to people with long thanises damn it karley



omg karley i still can’t

i’ve got my astronaut suit ready

im sorry guys I just

i can’t anymore

okay bye