Earn Potatoes

To earn Potatoes, all you have to do is finish Mini quests. Every month, mini quests will be updated! If you finish every Mini quest, then you will have the chance to be entered into a raffle for an exclusive prize!

January’s MQ’s:

  • Advertise My CRGD’s with link on sticky post or banner for a month ; 40 Potatoes [
  • Find 3 potatoes (Potatoes are hidden on pages, must comment where you found them) ; 10 potatoes –
  • If you ever eat potatoes for you meal (can be any kind of potato; french fry, hash brown, baked potato, etc.), take a picture and send to me at imkarley@gmail.com ; 25 Potatoes –
  • Look around on people you follow posts’ and see if anyone mentions the word ‘potato’ or a picture of a potato. If you find a post like that, comment the link ; 15 Potatoes

Weekly MQ:
Find potatoes at a store and take a picture ; 20 Potatoes –


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