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Am I….weird or something?

I usually go on Wikipedia and search up celebrity names and try to find if they have the same birthday as me. Or a close birthday by a few days off or something.

So yesterday, I searched up some more, and found the lead singer of Paromore: Hayley. She has the same birthday as my SISTER.

I’m like O-M-G. So I went on google searched “Celebrities with the birthday ____________” And all I got was, a bunch of people I dont know.

But you know what’s cool? My friend was born on the same day as Kim Kardashian.

I’m weird doing this…right? I do a lot of weird things….


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Quote :)

This means that don’t wait for everything to come to you. You come to them and see what good it does to you!




😦 I can’t watch catching fire tomorrow!!!! WAHHHH

I checked every single theater close to my house and guess what? It said something like “im sorry. Catching fire on November 22 has been sold out all week. Check back later. Click here.” blah blah. >.< I wanted to watch it tomorrow.

The theaters ruined all of my plans for tomorrow. 😦 ahhhhhh, no movie tomorrow. Wait…not that sad! Guess wht? Thursday=thanksgiving
friday=black Friday
Sunday=make cupcakes for class for money for field trip.


Fun weekend!



I deleted all of the drama posts that mrgrn, cat, and I created. please, no more hate. That’s in the past, focus on the present!


im silly

my bro and sis ate some sour cream and onion chips and they didnt save me any and they only kept the crumbs for me and I don’t want to put commas or periods so that means I have to capitalize and so the leftovers l put my hand in the bag and started smearing it all over my hand and all the crumbs were on it and I started licking it and I washed my hands and went back to the bag of chips and flipped it inside-out and started licking the entire bag and my mom and sister came into the room and said your so weird and they walked out without saying anything and that’s how weird I am


I didn’t really want to quit, so im back earlier!!! 😀 Just lettin you know.