someone help me

I need science fair ideas.
Please they are due tomorrow..

I can’t think of anything scientific and middle school level.


10 comments on “someone help me

  1. Uhh a model of the solar system/galaxy? Or how you can burn out a fire with carbon dioxide? Or umm a DNA model using clay or styrofoam and paint? thats all i got lol good luck tho

  2. hmm, i have seen some sixth graders science fair projects, there was “do bananas brown faster on the counter or the refrigerator”, “which brand of paper towels soak more water”. “do bigger or smaller seeds grow bigger plants” etc etc.

  3. i made a model tsunami like 2 years ago
    someone in my class once bought a couple hamsters and built a maze and tested how well they did on the test according to different stimuli
    someone else did something about psychology and how different colors affected moods and the way you take a test

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