random things about me you didnt already know

  1. I used to bite the white part off my nails and chew on them, then spit them out.
  2. I’ve probably killed about 10 worms. When I was younger I went to this place with a bucket of worms you could touch and stuff so i grabbed a lot and probably squeezed some to death.
  3. I’ve eaten a lot of random things: napkins, grass, thread, and like, the paint stuff on pencils.
  4. I don’t step on the cracks on the sidewalk bc superstition that im gonna fall to hell. 
  5. People IRL think Im mean. Like last thursday, I had already left class (girl at my table told me), but this other guy at the table asked “who’s the meanest at the table” and all the people at the table looked at my empty chair.
  6. My lowest grade ive ever gotten was a 75.
  7. I have a fighting buddy. He’s my friend though, but we always meet up in the hallway and be like “yo fight me” and we did a thumb war today.
  8. imisselementaryschool
  10. i like online people more than irl people cuz you can like put that ignore or block button on someone online but irl if you see them at walmart you cant just like run them over with your shopping cart like i dont know this person

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