is anyone ready for exams

I am so not used to this.. Exams, 1000000 pages long reviews, studying like if you get 100 on the test you will get $10000000, and stress..

I take them next week, one on tuesday, and two each day wed, thurs, and friday.

And then winter break starts, hell yea!

I have to take ELA first tho.
And spanish and speech & theatre together. fml

also idc if i get a bad grade on my gym exam cuz that aint matter

what yall taking first?



4 comments on “is anyone ready for exams

  1. I only had to do a math and english exam, and I guess they aren’t too hard. Expect I didn’t do so good on them, but it could be different for different countries. Anyways, good luck! You’re a smart girl, you’ll do great.

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