hey guys
happy thanksgiving! 🌽🍗🍖🐤 (couldn’t find that turkey emoji tho)
if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or already did (canada), happy thanksgiving anyways.

stay safe and don’t gain 10000 pounds plz

and be careful tomorrow, try not to get trampled. get some good deals and a bunch of cool stuff.


Things That Ruin Thanksgiving! pt.2:


6 comments on “thanksgiving??

  1. LOL.
    Go search up Inochi on Google and watch the video..
    DYING 0.0
    I’m not I’m only 85 pounds ._________.
    I’m going to bombard the shops in about 1 hour for new iPad Air 2s…. There’s already a whole line in front of Best But ; 0 ;
    No seriously, go search up Inochi o0o
    Happy Thanksgiving~~ C:

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