just casually still awake

I’m at a sleepover so its ok to be awake..
I think..

anyways found this pic on google+


well.. I’ll name some..

Blank Space in bed
Style in bed
Cool kids in bed (oh lord..)
Riptide in bed
I wish you would in bed (the dirty thoughts that keep coming)

yea so comment yours



18 comments on “just casually still awake

  1. My friends and I did that yesterday where after every sentence we had to say in bed. We came up with a lot of dirty jokes and disturbing things when it came to asking which teacher we had next.

  2. well, to name some;
    you’re so dark in bed
    sleeping lessons in bed
    two in bed
    forever in bed
    she will be loved in bed
    getting away with murder in bed
    tsk /shakes head/

  3. Da Jia Hao in bed.
    Drop Pop Candy in bed.
    Daze in bed.
    Unravel (I STOLE KANEKI BISH) in bed.
    Childish War in bed.
    Overdose in bed.
    Glide in Bed.
    Colors (LELOUCH <3) in bed.
    Not too bad o0o

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