Trick or Treating 2014

Hello beautiful people, how ya doing?

I’m excited to announce I’m going to take part in the Trick or Treat event this year.

Normally, in real life, I don’t celebrate halloween because of my religion. But I think that trick or treating is okay, just the parts with the monsters and other creatures + the devil. Like people dressing up as the devil.. um go away.

I’m going to keep the lightbulb on 24/7 until the event is over. I’ll see your comment or request the same day or the next day, and I’m too lazy to change the bulb so..



 <a title="Click on the link to find out what this is all about! Join the festive fun for free!" href="">What is this?</a>

So I’m gonna do a little something different for my procedures of giving out treats.

I will have 100 total, so once they are all gone I will not be giving out any more items.

Since I dont want this post to be exceedingly long, I’ll have the trick or treating claiming and stuff on a page (sorry for inconvenience). Click here for the page. It’ll have all the information and treats on it.



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