new updates for blog ツ

Hey there lovely viewers of my blog! ツ

Yes, I have many cool and exciting updates for this blog! And no, this time I will not procrastinate, like I have done in the past.

So the first thing I have done to update/upgrade this blog is make some social media accounts.

I do have a Twitter. You can also add me on Google+.

Now, for some new exciting things I have made just recently!

Firstly, I made an account. I guess this is easy to ask/answer questions of any sort. Feel free to leave me any questions you may have about me or my blog. I will try to answer your questions in at least 3 days  Click here or 

Btw, sorry for a lame username (and thanks britney), Kz1212 was already taken and karleyツ wouldn’t work.

Next, I made an Audio Boom account. This is something new I’m gonna be doing. Since Audio Boom you can record and upload a podcast or you saying something, I will have either weekly or monthly podcasts for you guys to listen to if you would like. I highly recommend this website if you want to record audio or something. I used this for an English project and it worked really well. Click here or Please contact me or tell me if you make one so I can follow you. Also, there is a widget for wordpress from Audio Boom so I can post it on the side bar or on a post 🙂

Now, I am gonna do some blog renovation by changing/adding a header, background, and editing the sidebar. I will also be changing the theme, and pages as well.

That’s all I have for right now, so check out the social media links and stuff, danke!


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