Fall Contest 2014 ROUND 1

Hi guys

so here’s round one, very easy and not time consuming

(if you want to sign up, go to my page titled fall 2014 contest)

You are to create a word collage, on an fall item with at least 3 words describing fall. I will have templates, so you do not need to go out of your way to find one. You can if you want though. You are not required to colour, or decorate. Just please make sure font is readable and large enough. You can print it out and scan or take a picture of it, or use an online tool to make it (Pic Monkey, Pixlr Editor, MS Paint, etc).





A pumpkin, leaves, a sweater, and a pie!

You have until 10/24/14 to turn it in, which is in 10 days.

You can either post it (if you do, try and use the hash tag #karleyfall2014, because i might not be able to see it if you just post it) or email me at imkarley@gmail.com!

Good luck!

(if you cant find this post, it’ll be sticked to the homepage.)




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