Just finished Requiem

Oh my god, I actually cried at the SPOILER ALERT(S) part when raven died. And how tack held her. And when Lena and Hana were talking and then she slapped her. And I barely cry when I read books. Jeez here comes a few tears. (I didn’t cry while reading the fault in stars, sorry).
Maybe I’ll reread tfios. (I have the ebook) and then maybe I’ll actually cry.

I HATE BOOKS THAT HAVE LOVE TRIANGLES. I JUST CANT CHOOSE WHO ENDS UP WITH WHO. Like, at the end when someone chooses the obvious choice, I feel bad for the other guy (in this case, Julian. Maybe he and coral could be together)

This long weekend, I’m gonna read 10 books. I have the blood of Olympus, Geronimo Stilton books, Harry Potter and the philosophers stone, pretty little liars book 1. BTW, I have a long weekend because us Canadians have thanksgiving on Monday. And today’s a pd day.


8 comments on “Just finished Requiem

  1. I read TFIOS in 1 day and that too in school ( between periods and when the teachers weren’t teaching anything 🙂 )

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