love? maybe

well you might have thought i was gonna do a book review (yes theres a book called Love? Maybe) but im not

i just came upon a post and it really got me thinking

it was about love, partly. how [insert person] had a hard time expressing their love for somebody.

i feel like im the only one who had this issue, but im probably not. ill explain some.

so like, me and my parents, we’re not exactly on best terms and the relation where its like best friends with your parents. if you didnt know before, i have three siblings so i dont spend much time with my parents as i used to. i rarely do nowadays and usually we just have conversations. i never ask ”how was your day/work?” and vice versa. basically our convos are just ”oh hey” ”yea finished homework” ”i need this for school” ”what should i do for my project?”.

well what does this have to do with expressing love?

i feel like i dont say ”i love you” to my parents enough. i think the last time i said that was when i was seven or eight maybe. this isnt because i dont love them (honestly i do and i love them more than they think). its because i have a hard time expressing myself when it comes to love.

with anger, im quick to expressing myself. i will pick up things and throw them or break them, say things i regret later, and behave certain ways that normal people dont.

i wanna know if you anyone else had this problem? not just with your parents. (if its with a girl/boyfriend or whatever, get outta here).

i feel like im the only one but ik for sure im not



18 comments on “love? maybe

  1. hm, yeah, i’ve had- or rather, have- trouble with similar things as well.
    [sorry i cant say anything more here]

  2. yup ive always had that problem, i try saying to my parents that i love them a lot, but i feel like im still missing something…

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