how to be cool karley style


i am back

for about 5 minutes since i have this spanish project and just


ok so

during gym this week, i went around asking people which locker was theirs

and then they would tell me which one was theirs

and then i would slam it shut




it was so funny bcus they were all like “karley screw you you’re so annoying!!!” and im just like lol thanks i know

haha if you knew me irl you’d probably think im annoying

and then some girls tried to close mine but i either put my arm or my butt in my locker so they couldn’t close it

HAHA ok bye

try it and tell me their reactions



9 comments on “how to be cool karley style

  1. oh my fluffing gawd thats hilarious
    but we got no locks and it’s bloody violation when we get our stuff for next period
    I should do that but ill get into trouble
    seriously would like to do that to my best friend hahaha its hell in the gym so yeh so sweaty awful smells

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