New Game; PlayRise!

Hey guys! I haven’t posted in like 2-3 days haha..

But today I’m back with a long post, so you can either choose to skim, ignore, or read the whole thing.

I’m gonna introduce a new game to you guys that my friend Tomadawg (Tomassonic) showed/introduced to me!

I’ve only played for about 3 days and honestly I really like it and its unique. I’m pretty sure its new, because there aren’t many users.

Anyways, let’s get started.

When you go to the website (click here), it looks like this and it has a button and when you click it you can register.


When you click the join button, it’ll look like this.


You insert your info, and bam, your account is created and you can get started.

You will be taken to this page:


Notice the things I outlined in red.

To enter into the game, press Enter Hotel. This game does not require download, it just takes you to another window 🙂

Like this:


Except you won’t be in that room, since that’s mine. You’ll be in a lobby area thing.

So first off, when you enter, your character will look like a zombie Medusa thing.

If you would like to change this, click on your avatar and it will show a list of things you can do.


You can design and change your character however you want!

Also, as you can see, there’s a chat bar area and there are no filters.

When you say something, it’ll look something like this:


So to find/add friends, just go to the friends button on the side.


Press search and you can find people. If you want to add me, I’m karleytehbest.

Now, the point of the game is to make rooms and you can do many things.

To make a room, simply click Rooms on the sidebar. A navigator will pop up, and use that.


Click create room to make one. You can also search peoples and visit random rooms.

There are many different sizes and shapes, and you can name your room.


Now, if you want to customize your room, go to the shop.


This is your money, you have 4 different kinds.


Notice all the categories, there are so many different kinds of furniture, walls, floors, accessories, etc.

Now if you want to place items in your room, click My Stuff and all your items will be there. You click on em, and place it somewhere.


Your items will be sectioned off, so it’s easier. Your badges you earn, so you can view/add them to your profile in that tab.


To see/edit your profile and do actions, click your avatar.


Double click the pencil area to change what it says. You can also dance and wave lol.

Hmm, right now, I think that’s all I have to say about Rise.

If you have any questions, comment or email me!

Hope you can join and also play ^-^



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