cant wait

i might get the iphone 6

if i do, probably the plus size

what sucks is they dont have 32 GB.. that’s what I wanted.. only 16, 64, and 128

16 is too little, and 64 is too much haha

and ive been obsessed with talking dreams, an album by echosmith


and also cant wait cause the blood of olympus is coming soon

i already got the new rick riordan book, the percy jackson greek gods one

usually its $25, but i got it for $14 at costco haha

what i can wait for is tomorrow.. tbh i dont want it to come

because i have a writing district assesment

tomorrow and wednesday



6 comments on “cant wait

  1. Dang it! I can’t buy greek gods… I’m not even allowed to buy books! How unbelievable. I ordered it at the library and I’m number 181. Gods. I can’t. Freaking. Wait. For blood of olympus! But I might buy that… Considering there’s gonna be a secret santa thing in our class.

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