my toilet adventure (bathroom adventures pt. 2)

yes, another interesting story that happened today!

so, it was gym period

i really needed to pee, so i went to the bathroom

well, the stall i went in had no toilet paper, and the stalls that did had people in em

so i really had to go, it was an emergency

so, i got several paper towels from the sink area to use

well when i flushed, the paper towels got stuck

and i didnt want to get into trouble

so i did what any crazy person with karleyness would have done

i grabbed some more paper towels, and put my hand into the toilet and grabbed the paper towels that were clogged in the hole of the toilet


and i washed my hands with soap

more bathroom adventures coming soon, hope you enjoy these 😀


ik this is you right now:



19 comments on “my toilet adventure (bathroom adventures pt. 2)

  1. lmao yes
    i currently stole my laptop and im shaking your toilet water covered hand

  2. Looool. That’s just weird. I’d just leave it there. I got a question
    What if you needed to do number 2 instead and it clogged. Would you still have done it??

  3. Of course, I just had to read this when I was eating.. #lost my appetite
    Lol but seriously, your very brave for doing that. I stuck my hand in a used toilet but it was at home lol

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