my eyes could have got me in trouble

so today

at school, of course

i had to go to the restroom, so, i went down the hallway to the restroom

the restroom kinda looks like this, but a boys one on the other side


so i was standing by the boys one (i realized later)

i looked across and saw the girls restroom, but i thought the sign said “boys”

so i walked into the one next to me, which i thought was girls 

so i walked in and the smell hit me first

it smelled like rotten eggs and nasty sweat

then i had already walked like 5 feet into the restroom, and thats when i saw the urinal

you should’ve seen me, i ran out of there so fast and im pretty sure i looked constipated 

and im pretty sure my school has cameras, so maybe one of them in the hallway caught me going in 

and luckily, there were no boys in the restroom

see what your eyes can do to you

kids, dont make your eyes bad!!



42 comments on “my eyes could have got me in trouble

  1. my friend walked into a boys washroom once and never realized till a week later
    I walked into a boys washroom once because my water bottle rolled in there
    do not be afraid

  2. In 2nd grade I was playing catch and the ball filled into the boys bathroom. Yep, it was my own ball and we were in the indoor schools so it rolled in, and I accidentally thought that it was the girls bathroom cause I was only hinting about the ball, so then I went in. It was really wet, smelly, like someone was pooing in the bathroom. Also I heRd peeing loudly… Lol. Yep. I remeber that day. Anyways so when I went in I jumped up. Like seriously that’s just disgusting… I saw this dude peeing. Eeeeek. I was like, HOLLY MAMA SAVE ME!! I stayed there in shock. It was embarrassing. Then a few seconds later I think I came back alive and saw a dude coming out from the bathroom with his pants off. I was like DAMN!! This is true. I took my ball and left running away. Was crying kind of. Tears on my eyes rolling down. No joke. T Ti

  3. I did it this year for a dare but there was no one in there at that time because I was staying back for practicing for a function and I knew that there would be no one inside as they all had left.

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