I’m a hazard

My friend irl just realized something. Every time I get complimented on something, I get too shy and when I turn around, I bump into someone, or something.

It just most recently happened on Friday. I was drawing in english class, (I did all my work, “Goody goody” they would call me) then after a guy in my class asked to see it and then he said it was nice. Well. Then I turned around and I bumped into my teacher and almost made him fall.

And… Since we’re on the topic of clumsiness, on the last day of school last year, right in the morning I was moving my chair and then I sorta fell over with my chair and knocked over everything on the wall behind me. Yeah yeah.. Laugh all you want.

Btw… I might do a series of “That moment”‘s. I’ll give an example.

You guys know that moment when there’s that one person who standing in the store and looks like one of the mannequins? That’s happened to me a lot.
But I might put the “that moment” thing on my blog. Once I supposedly finish renovating. I’ve been really lazy. I’ve only been on Paigeeworld. It’s really fun. I post some of my Art there. My usernames the same as the one I have right now.

Random thought, I have a sudden urge to write a book. I guess it’s because of all the reading I’ve been doing.

Speaking of reading, I have been reading Delirium. IT IS SO FREAKING GOOD! Man… Alex is hot! Hehehe. *cue creepy fangirl smile*

Any book recommendations? I’m so bored… I just wanna read even more. I recommend Delirium. I have more to recommend but.. I gotta go to sleep. I’ll continue tomorrow.

If any of you guys are interested in art, join paigeeworld (there’s a website and an app, basically the same thing) and follow me and I’ll follow you.



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