new topic

So before I go to bed, really quick, I want to make this post.

If you dont know who Eminem is, go die in a hole. Jk, but really, you should know.

He’s the best rapper ever, my opinion.

And like, I heard his new song, Guts over fear, and just

just wow

i looked in the comments for racial slurs and stupid idiots.
and guess what?

i found a whole lot of them

one said he was 40 something and should stop rapping cause hes getting old?

excuse me? did your parents retire after they hit 40?? i dont think so so stfu about his age no one fucking cares about that

and i saw one
”eminem is dead”

wtf man
are you being serious to me
you try and rap and make songs and shit id like to see you do better

like plz


k bye

i just wanted to rant a little

k then

nicki please


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