The Life of a Fantage Employee

wow that’s low fantage low


Yes, this is one of those super long, “serious posts” about Fantage 🙂 Click here if you haven’t seen my first one.

Recently, I came across a link from a site called GlassDoor that contained reviews written by past employees from Fantage. It was informative and depressing. Here are some screenshots, just in case they are ever taken down. Click to enlarge. You can read these yourself at

fantage7fantage6 fantage5 fantage4fantage3fantage2fantage1

From this point on, everything is my opinion only. Numbers in parenthesis are used to cite the picture I quoted so you can refer back to it.

The stuff I underlined in red are the things that really angered me and caused me to look down on the members of the “senior management,” as they called it.

“Insane deadlines” (2)
This was a common point among most of the reviews. I was especially unhappy when I read the part…

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