I think I have a dude nerd attraction

Yeah, so I have a few celebrities that I think are super hot. And, I will include book characters because I wish the fictional guys were real. And, my brother said that all the celebrity guys that I like are nerdy. I believe some are, and some aren’t.

1) Logan Lerman

2) Daniel Radcliffe

3) Andrew Garfield

(Now book characters)

4) Percy Jackson. DAYUM.

5) Jason Grace. I swear I saw a Jason at the mall. He looked at me!

6) Nico Di Angelo. The freaking feels.

7) Leo Valdez well what do you expect? I said that the guys listed here are Hot. Leo is the definition of hot.

8) Gus.

9) Harry Potter

Yeah, so the guys here are mostly Pjo and HoO characters, do you guys think Logan, Daniel, and Andrew are sorta nerdy? I mean, only their characters (in movies) are. Except for Logan. Percy isn’t really nerdy.


– Penny. I’m also immediately  attracted if the guys hair is like pushed back, spiked up, or messy. And the eyes. I actually love black hair and light eyes.

P.S. I love nerds, I’m a nerd myself. I don’t like just sexy. I like smexy.


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