new anime C:

I swear this one is so good and one of the best I’ve watched in a while. And when I finish it might be one of my favourites.

Tbh, it’s scary/creepy and there’s some blood but overall so far it’s awesome, the plot is just amazing and it has a lot of detail.

also im gonna just say, i dont watch this at night in the dark in my bed cuz it gives me goosebumps (it’s scary ok) so i watch it in the day.. hehe..

it’s called ”Another”

idk why yet but maybe i’ll find out but you have to watch it omg

here’s the two main characters


she’s so pretty


and he’s hot



9 comments on “new anime C:

  1. I’ve heard of this. It’s in the horror genre isn’t it? It’s supposed to have blood and creepy scariness. People who likes this kind of anime will love it apparently since it’s really good.

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