look at the title

since im in GT program and academy (for ms), we have to do a reading project that was assigned in the beginning of summer..

you have to read three books and for one, summarize every chapter. the other two im not sure

well today, i finished the first book :3

LOL that’s all i have done

instead of staying up watching anime i should work..

cuz it’s due on the first day of school and my school starts on the 25th, in 18 days.

am i the only one with this burden

aka summer reading project


19 comments on “#procrastination

  1. I don’t have on ehehehe…. :3
    When I do projects, I like to do it with someone. Then I do everything and turn it in. Like wtf right. Like I have a partner but I do all the work (I want to ‘-‘)

    • lucky >3>

      i prefer working alone cause my team mates (most of time) are lazy ass shits , and they make me mad but tbh i think i get mad easily so haha

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