yayyy here are some more pictures hehe


this is outside the Mormon church. If you dont know what Mormons are, they believe in God and stuff but a little differently than Christians. This is their church built wayyy back then and they still use it. And like most of slc and area i went to were Mormons.


a model of what the inside of the church looks like. I didn’t get to go in cuz visitors weren’t allowed (they still use the church) but i went to their tabernacle area and this other thing right next to the church.


outside of the church


this smaller building



tabernacle thingy

and then like later
we went to the mountains and we went hiking with my dads’ friends and stuff

and like we got held up cuz a car flipped



and when we got there, tbh i was surprised that i had that much energy cause i climbed pretty high and stuff



beautiful right

im going back in the winter when it snows to try skiing :3

anyways thats like all da pics i took so yeah

bye again my lovelies 🙂


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