so sorry dont be mad

hey guys

im so sorry i didnt get to you guys sooner..

yes, i did come back yesterday (dont tell me you thought i was dead haha) but i had some problems which if you keep reading you’ll find out

so yesterday early morning i was feeling bad but i kept on sleeping cause i needed rest (my plane was at 6:30 am and i needed to wake up at 4:30)

when i woke up, my stomach started hurting a lot

when we went to the lobby of the hotel, i threw up (in a bag)

when we went to the airport, i was feeling nauseous and yes, i threw up four times in the restroom haha 

then we boarded the plane and i threw up once before the plane took off and three times when the plane was still moving. and i had a severe migraine on the plane so i had to take some aspirin. it didn’t really help though. and my dad told me that he told my mom and she said i had a stomach virus or something. 

when we got off my dad took me home immediately and i just crashed on my bed and fell asleep.

later at night my mom came and took my temperature and said i had a fever


i took some advil and now, i think my fever is gone but i still have that headache

so yeah sorry if that was boring but i just wanted to tell you guys why i didnt post or anything yesterday

and mizuki/winter told me stomach virus and fever were part of ebola but im 99.99% sure that there is no ebola outbreak and stuff here in the u.s but some guy did come from africa to get treated for it 

ill post later of my trip and some pictures

bye for now my lovelies x) 


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