note to workers :)

um if you 15 (you know who you are) could take a few minutes to read this??

so like..

im not sure if you guys even still want to work here because like.. you guys dont post or anything

also, if you still wanna stay as an admin editor author whatever you are, but you don’t really wanna post, im okay with that

i just want to know

and if you wouldn’t mind, can you please make a page about yourself?

and put it under 

► About the Admins ◄


thank you guys ❤

comment and tell me if you want me to remove you :/



18 comments on “note to workers :)

  1. sorryy
    ill post more
    but im going on vacation next month to the poconos for the whole month
    with just a tablet and a phone
    but theres still wifi so ill download the wordpress app and ill get puffin or something to play fantage

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