my own diy

so I thought of my own diy project 

okay what you will need:

  • a paint program where you can edit
  • a picture of a salt shaker
  • a picture of someone you wanna insalt

okay so

if you dont know what “insalt” is, someone on tfm said “stop insalting me” to me cause i LOLed (laughed at) their build 

so i got inspired by it

first, take the picture of the salt shaker and put it on your background

im using microsoft paint


next, take the pic of the person you hate and wanna insalt

now you just wanna put their face on the salt (adjust size)


see how easy that was?

you just insalted someone in less than 2 minutes!!

no physical contact or verbal contact needed to insalt someone now!

comment, reblog, and like if you did my diy

also post your pic of who you insalted cause i would love to see 🙂





18 comments on “my own diy

  1. justin bieber i would probably insalt him

    or put a collage of people who called p!atd and mcr and fob and those bands “emo bands”

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