How To: Oreoballs


ιмperғecт тнougнтѕ

These are so yummy and so easy to make!

oмg ѕorry тo ιnтerrυpт вυт ι coмpleтed all тranѕғorмιce relιcѕ ιn тнe ѕυммer evenт!!! yaaѕ! do yoυ ĸnow wнaт тнaт мeanѕ?! ѕιnce ι нave ѕo мυcн ѕтυғғ leғтover, gιveaway тιмe!! ѕoon. along wιтн a parтyyy aт тнe end oғ тнe ѕυммer! ѕo yaaѕ! ιғ yoυ need any relιcѕ coммenт вelow and ѕιnce ι proвaвly love yoυ ι’ll gιve ιт тo ya. вy тнe way, wнen yoυ coмpleтe a relιc ѕoмe oғ yoυ мay noтιce тнaт yoυ’ll geт anoтнer relιc; ғor eхaмple ι coмpleтed тнe a relιcѕ and ιn reтυrn ι goт an a relιc. once yoυ coмpleтe all relιcѕ тнoѕe coмвιne ιnтo a вadge! jυѕт an ғyι ιғ anyone waѕ wonderιng. тнanĸѕ and enjoy тнe тυтorιal (:

You will need:

-1 full package of Oreos (16 oz)

I used Mini Oreos, which is only 8 oz. 16 oz will make you…

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