im sad


well this week monday through thursday, i have to go to a camp from 8-4 :c

such waste of perfect computer time


I’ll be on like in the morning for 30 minutes and in the evening/night for 1-3 =3=

i have to sleep early today but no way that’s happening. earliest im going to sleep is one am.


bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when they come for you B)

and salwa, your pixel oc is almost done, just need the pants and shoes :3


8 comments on “im sad

  1. I go to camp from 0:00 AM to 0:00 AM.
    If feel bad for you, I just stay at home alone :c
    Wait, if you have to go to sleep early, what do you do on the bed? I squirm for 2 hours.. Can’t ever sleep.

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