what makes me tired

lately i’ve been like.. falling asleep.. like today.. around 5.. i fell asleep. Btw that’s why (if you were on tfm trying to get me or something) i didn’t respond..

yeah i was just really tired and i dont plan on using the computer at night anytime soon. cus then i wont have energy to watch youtube and anime late..

why am i so tired??

it might be because i sleep at 1am and wake up like 6:50am.. 5 hours 50 minutes of sleep..

or it’s because i play too much. I play from 7am-1pm, 2-3pm, 4-5pm (i take hour breaks in the afternoon cus i need to watch stuff too.. and do work..)

okay or maybe

during the school year i didn’t get much sleep either, about 7-8 hours



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