Awesome Party *READ PLEASE*

Since I haven’t done anything fun yet for you guys this summer yet, I decided to host a party!

Yay :3

Yes, it is going to be on Transformice.

Sorry for inconvenience, but a lot of us do play TFM and I kinda quit Fantage.

If you do not have an account, that is A-OK!

You can make one, it does not require email 🙂

Or, if you don’t want to make one, I have accounts you can use 😀

  1.  U: Mrpotatoegg P; hello123
  2.  U : Fantagerox55 P: hello123
  3.  U : Ihateaj89 P: hello123
  4.  U: Ewisntmeok P: hello123
  5.  U : Evenstar99 P: hello123

Please do not ban these accounts, so I can use them in the future! ❤

Here is all the info:


Please please please do try to make it!

Comment if you can make it 😛

It would be really really really kind of you to reblog this or share this party with your friends!

If you do not play TFM, I’ll make a quick post about the buttons on the screen, so you know before hand.

I am aiming to gather at least 20 people, so if you can’t make it, tell one of your friends to come in place of you.

Thank you all 😀




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