Welcome to MY CRGD’s!

Hey there you random person.

You have unluckily come across the most random and weird blog to exist in history, no lie

Uh.. Happy Birfday?

If you like chipocenpiendy and are random and weird, then you should join the community and follow……

yes, definitely follow, even if you’re a random nobody .. or a unicorn.. or a potato..

<script id=”cid0020000079857893402″ data-cfasync=”false” async src=”//st.chatango.com/js/gz/emb.js” style=”width: 306px;height: 573px;”>{“handle”:”mycrgds”,”arch”:”js”,”styles”:{“a”:”33ccff”,”b”:100,”c”:”000000″,”d”:”000000″,”k”:”33ccff”,”l”:”33ccff”,”m”:”33ccff”,”p”:”10″,”q”:”33ccff”,”r”:100}}</script>

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51 comments on “Welcome to MY CRGD’s!

  1. OK, HOW’S THIS CLOUDY PERSON? I thought I was the only Cloudy! TcT
    FYI I’ve been Cloudy since 2010 🙂 But nice to meet another cloudy out there! 😀

  2. Do you like potatoes?
    I do!
    I like potato salad!
    Mashed potato
    Potato soup
    French fries
    Baked potatoes



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