Birthday Club

(This club is open to everyone, you don’t have to sign-up for this one!)

Here we show birthday’s of all the wonderful blogger’s that deserve a “Happy Birthday” on their birthday. 5 days before your birthday, a banner to your blog will be posted. The colour of the month varies by birthstone colours.

January- [Moon__, January 8th] [Candyo3otwins, January 26] [MEOWI, January 24th] [Shanna, January 13th]

February- [Mina, February 6th]

March- [Amanda, March 7th] [Yamada321, March 8th] [Ninjsome, March 16th] [Slushipup1903, March 15th]

April- [Penny, April 20th]


June- [Imaanzg, June 23rd] [Jrf, June ?] [Caro1726, June 23rd]

July- [Nell, July 29th] [Purpleadventure5, July *censored*] [Nina, July 20th]

August- [Cat, August 7th] [Melody, August 27th] [iSakura, August 3rd]

September- [Foreverball11, September 21st] [Moshimoshi1985, September 3rd]

October- [Tarah Chan, October 11th][Terrah,October 16] [Maple, October 31st]

November- [Karley, November 15th]

December- [Hazel-chan, December 14th]


karley forgot me cri 


84 comments on “Birthday Club

  1. When: June 23rd (Technically this year it’s the 22nd , because last year was a leap year and I celebrated my birthday on the 23rd) , ,


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