About Penny!

Greetings! I am Penny, official fangirl at your service!

I joined fantage on July the 25th 2010.

I joined wordpress on something something 2012.

I’m a huge perfectionist.

My favourite colour is Blue. I love every shade of blue, and I mean it. Ravenclaw blue, TARDIS blue, navy blue, etc.

I’m pretty good with computers.
I have good reflexes.
I’m really stubborn.
I’m good at recolouring.
I’ve been hacked 1 time.                                                                                                                          Doctor Who.

Im a horrible dancer.
I love tv.
I have too many favourite tv shows.
I’m confident enough in my drawing skills.
I speak french, pig latin and english.
I’m in the 6th grade.
I have many many crushes. As in fictional crushes, and celebrity crushes. And for reality, *insert lol ur not 5sos shirt*.
I’m pretty fast because when I run I imagine running to my potato chips.
I’m a huge scaredy cat, a few of my fears are pictures of landscapes (I know, I’m very weird), and I used to be scared of the colour green.
I’m pretty good at school.
I’m a Taurus.
If someone proves me wrong, I say “I’m still right”. Like I said, stubborn. 😛
My favourite band is 5 seconds of summer.
I’m a huge bookworm.
I love the hunger games, the percy jackson series, and many more.
I’m a huge nerd. I am in many fandoms, and I tend to babble.
I love Doctor Who.
I’m a Ravenclaw
I can be lazy, and I can be productive. Sometimes, I will just get a pang of productiveness and clean my room or something.
I have long dark brown hair.
I know random facts from getting bored and searching up things like “why do giraffes…..”
My tumblr is nerdybookworms.tumblr.com
I am the biggest Nerd and Geek ever.



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    • Oh sorry for late replies >.<
      You look on the side when you are editing a page, and it has a place where it says Add Parent Page. Look for the page you want a certain to page to go under 🙂

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